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A comfortable environment, both indoor and outdoor.

We believe that "comfort of living" means having a comfortable environment, both indoor and outdoor. Under our ongoing environmental initiatives, we have been promoting eco-friendly homebuilding practices, while preserving the local environment and achieving the zero-emissions goal at our factories and construction sites in line with the Environmental Future Plan we announced in 1999. In recognition of our environmental efforts, we became the first company in the housing construction industry to be certified as an Eco-First Company* by the Japanese government.Here, we discuss our idea of "environment" in terms of four main aspects - nature, cultural/local heritage, resource recycling, and people/community.

* A Japanese program under which the "Eco-First Company" designation is given to companies that are committed to contributing to environmental preservation and are recognized by the Minister of the Environment as "leading the industry in environmental initiatives with advanced and unique activities"

Protecting the natural environment.

The protection of the cycles of nature and ecosystems is essential for pleasant and comfortable living. Accordingly, we make it a rule to plant tree species that are suitable for local ecosystems as part of each homebuilding project under the principle of "three trees for birds and two for butterflies," which is at the core of our "Gohon no ki" (meaning "five trees") landscaping concept.
When creating home gardens, we select native and indigenous tree species that are beneficial to local living creatures as much as possible. Having secured a stable supply of such tree species, we work to communicate to our customers the joy of living in harmony with nature.

Recycling resources

We were among the first to start development of zero-emission housing that does not impact the environment The result is the Green First ZERO model, a comfortable and economical energy-neutral home designed to minimize energy consumption by means of high-efficiency thermal insulation and photovoltaic power generation systems. As a consequence of our company-wide efforts to promote this model, the percentage of Green First ZERO homes in all built-to-order Sekisui House detached homes has reached 93%.(FY2022)
We also continue to promote zero waste activities to reduce to zero waste materials generated in the entire process of our operations from production to remodeling.
To make our environmental technologies more widely known to the public, we opened a hands-on learning center, Eco First Park.

Green First Zero delivers comfort,econommy,and environmental performance

Green First ZERO
This model is a future-oriented home that provides an energy-neutral living environment with an advanced heat insulation system and the latest energy-saving facilities, as well as solar and fuel cells for creating energy.

Preserving cultural and historical heritage

Our community development projects aim to create communities that are long-cherished by residents and that grow increasingly attractive over time.
They harmonize with local environments, cultures, and climates and become valuable local assets. This is our ideal of community development.

Fostering community ties

Recognizing the importance of family and neighborhood bonds, Sekisui House has been working on community development projects to create venues where residents can enjoy meeting one another and safe playgrounds for children.
As a corporate citizen, we are promoting various measures to contribute to society as part of our business activities that are directly linked to living and local communities around the world. With "love of humanity" at the core of our corporate philosophy and "living style improvement", "development of the next generation", and "eco-friendliness" as guiding principles, each of our employees plays a positive role in community-based activities, participating in volunteer activities, working in cooperation and support with NPOs and NGOs, and assisting in educational programs.